Pulled pork

03 Mar

Last Weekend we broke out the smoker to do up some pulled pork

Picked up a 5lb pork butt and coated it down with some of our favorite rub

Then into the refrigerator to rest for a couple of hours till  its smokin time


Fired up the smoker at 11:00 pm ,  took out the pork butt to rest on counter while smoker came up to temp.

Smoker is rockin rite at 275  put the pork but on at Midnight for its rest in smokey goodness .

Set the alarm clock for 4:00 am and off to sleep.

4:00 am got up to check on the temps pork butt was at 165 degrees smoker was still rockin at 275 .

Well i ment to reset my alarm for 6:00 am slept till 7:00am got up put coffee on and went out to check on the pork butt .

Smoker down to 250 pork butt was at 203 degrees wow done no long stall on this one .


WOW Look at all that bark mmmmmm

Next its covered with foil and wrapped it towls to hold in heat to rest on the counter till latter.

After having some coffee and running to the store for some burger buns.

About 10:30 i pulled form towels and pulled.






Pulled pork turned out super moist and awesome

Had pulled pork sandwiches and macaroni salad for lunch was yummmmmy !!

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